Week 23 – Finish line = Starting Line

If you’ve ever run the 400 meters in the inside lane, you know that the finish line is also the starting line. It is exactly one lap around the track.

With the finish line now in sight, it is clear that this is only the beginning. That the finish line will really mark a new starting line. The journey of becoming a self-directed thinker is a lifelong process no doubt.

Haanel really gets into the topic of money in this weeks lesson. Once again, we see the common thread of give more, get more. The universe is creative, and responds to strong desire; not mere want.

Looking forward to running through the finish line, and heading into the next turn as a more powerful self-directed thinker.


Week 22a – A Certain Way


For years, I have had an air purifier in my bedroom which goes 24 hours per day. It makes a constant noise such as that of a fan, which I have always thought helped me sleep. I am going to start turning this off at night, and sleep in silence. The thought flashed into my mind as something to try, and I am going to execute. If the silence is good for the mind, why not leverage 1/3 of our life? Starting tonight 🙂

This is now my 3rd time through Wattles classic book. Its amazing how you can get new breakthroughs from material you’ve previously gone through. Why —> Because you’re growing over time. So you’re reading it from a different perspective. I am currently thinking about this “certain way” of doing things. And that all things are forms of one substance. Both tremendous concepts.

I find it very powerful to go to sleep with a powerful thought, idea, or affirmation held in mind. Its incredible the new-found perspective that you can gain by morning, as subby goes to work overnight. Doing this even with a nap I find to be very powerful.

Many blessings,

Week 22 – Nourishment and Waste

FIRST, the video this week with Joseph Campbell was extraordinary. Definitely had my attention, and found it very fascinating. The plot thickens. I have heard several explanations of the word consciousness, and I’m trying to wrap my head around this. Tremendous video.

The Haanel lesson this week was a practical one, which discussed the causes of disease and an angle to attack it. I have always believed that our thinking could actually lead to physical sickness; however, my philosophy on this never considered the opposite side of the coin. Which is of course, that our thinking can actually lead to physical health. The affirmations, flash cards, scrolls, lessons, webinars, and EVERYTHING along this growth journey have helped me become a healthier, happier person. I am seeing the roots begin to dig-in.

If we are in the wrong vibration, the elimination of waste cannot perform at an optimal level. Disease can then muscle in, and take over some territory.

Of course, there are physical requirements to health and happiness – Such as proper rest, proper hydration, and life-giving food. But assuming that this is in place, the rest of the health / happiness equation comes down to our philosophy; how we think; the language we use; the attitudes we hold; the affirmations we use, or don’t use.

What do YOU think the odds are, that our WEALTH (or lack there of) is MAYBE just maybe related to our philosophy (thinking) as well?? 😉


Week 21 – Power Consciousness

What does it mean to be conscious of something? From what I understand, it means to be aware of something. It is when you “get it.” In other words, you know it. Often times, it is a feeling. You feel it.

In life, we are all on a learning journey in many different areas. Relationships, health, money, and a variety of other specialized areas. It may take us months or YEARS to figure something out. This is the moment when the right neurons in our brain finally connect and PRESTO – we’ve “got” it. You are now conscious of it.

I am still on the journey to acquire the power consciousness. Some days I am well on my way. Other days I drift back into the old blueprint.

The best days are when negative thinking is identified, labelled, and discarded. This requires a consciousness just to do this in fact. It requires the awareness. But I think doing this is step #1 in realizing your greatness. Greatness cannot exist in lower, negative states of consciousness. Mental diet 24/7/365.

Cannot wait to fully grasp the power consciousness. Universal intelligence / God is one with everything, including us. We have access to the infinite supply. WE simply must create the demand. So keep going, keep learning, keep reading, sitting, and persisting until something UNLOCKS and your life is never the same again.



Week 20 – Breathing Abundance

With every breath, we breathe in new life. That new life vitalizes us. It fills our bodies with the omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful energy. Same with the clean water we drink. The nourishing food we eat. And we can USE these life-enriching experiences to positively impact our mind. IF we believe (as I do) that these sources of energy are making us healthy, energized, and powerful, then it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy!

(If you breathe shallow, with depressed thoughts, drink soda, and eat foods cooked in oil with little nutritional value … you are digressing both mind and body.)

Seems simple enough to me.

We can live more abundantly every time we breathe IF we consciously breathe with that intention.

I loved this quote. The breath is a good reminder to stay grounded, present, aware, grateful, and ALWAYS the observer 🙂

The amazing success progression was revealed to us this week, and its certainly something to marvel at. These habits are so profound. The old blueprint is always lurking in the shadows though – so we must be the watchman/watchwoman at the gate, at all times.



Week 19 – All About Power

It was really Haanel that introduced the concept of power as being 1) a positive thing and 2) a pre-requisite to acquiring most if not all things of value.

“Power!” My subconscious programming says “sounds greedy” … “controlling” … “bad!”

Just like “wealth” … wealthy people are “crooks” right? Didn’t you know?? *sigh*

Unfortunately, our society does not value self-directed thinking. We are told what to think. From all angles. And IF we are lucky enough to cross paths with the truth, we now must do the WORK to undo years of negative, false, and destructive philosophies which our young brains soaked up like a sponge. Most people never even get the opportunity to fight back. I feel very lucky to have come across this information.

I’ve never really taken a hard deep look at the word power, to examine it from the roots. The more I think about it though, the more it makes sense. There MUST be vitality, strength, and life in power. The opposite is being weak. Is being weak, meek, and timid a virtue? Not in my books. All power comes from within. It is not a negative thing. It is a cause! Becoming conscious of your own power is the greatest gift you could give to the world 🙂

So grateful to be on this journey.

PS LOVE the power-pose information. So many nuggets to incorporate into daily living. The compounded effect I’m sure is going to be remarkable.

Week 18 – Dissatisfied No More

First and foremost, OMG with the goal-post moving. That is me. 100%. I’ve been a goal-post mover for as long as I can remember.

The stories we tell ourself! When xyz happens, I’ll be happy. When I accomplish xyz, life will be better. As soon as xyz is over, things will be terrific. Etc.

What a trap.

No matter what I accomplished, it was never enough; AND I was immediately onto the next thing.

One of the greatest takeaways that I have gained from our most-fabulous teachers is to be the observer. SUCH a powerful awareness to have.

Lately I’m focusing on all that I have to be grateful for TODAY. I’m focusing on all that I have accomplished ALREADY. I’m coming from a place of sheer gratitude, instead of “I’m not fulfilled because xyz is not completed yet.” I’m flashing those cards baby!

I’m really liking where all this is going. I can feel the seeds starting to slowly take root. When a negative thought (including thoughts of DISSATISFACTION – a common feeling for me) enters my mind now, I label it as such and quickly switch gears.

Keep switching YOUR gears, all the way to the summit!


Week 17a – Review

It was great to review some of the older masterkey lessons this week. It was a good way to mix it up, and get subby re-acquainted with past knowledge. Really helped to bring some key points back to the surface.

The hero’s journey… No, it doesn’t mean we have to embark on a quest for hidden treasure; saving the princess; or defending the castle. It really is about the journey to be a hero in our own lives.

Its the journey of growth. First, we must shed some of the old habits – chipping off the cement. The best way in my opinion to do this, is to be the observer 24/7. Not only of your habitual actions, but your habitual patterns of thought. Second, we must make the conscious decision to STOP the poor thinking / behaviour. Third, we must intentionally fill the void with PURPOSEFUL material that create the environment for growth. As the new seeds take root, our life begins to transform.

I will say that my subby is as stubborn as a mule, and is holding-on to negative thoughts. Being the observer here has been a savior. I know and I believe that eventually subby will stand-down when it realizes there is a new sheriff in town which is not going away. IF you’re subby is holding on to the old for dear life, I encourage you to keep exposing it for what it is. Don’t relent, in hearing the call to action in pursuit of YOUR definite major purpose 🙂

Have a wonderful day,

Week 17 – Born Again Hero’s

We are whole and perfect already. This is one of the amazing gifts given to us by the creator. Life is the journey of becoming as complete as possible. Life is an opportunity create meaning; its an opportunity to find our purpose, and grow as tall as we can in pursuit of that purpose.

We are the only life-form that has dominion over the choice whether or not to grow into our full potential. We do so by means of the quality of our thinking. Do we entertain thoughts of indifference, negativity, and hopelessness? Or do we entertain only thoughts of purpose, positivity, and faith? The ability to make this choice is our greatest gift. Its what makes us human.

Embrace the journey to become the strongest version of yourself. Attack the work necessary to develop into your highest self. Work hard physically, but especially mentally. Keep your mind clear of inharmonious thoughts by entertaining only thoughts which are in alignment with your definite purpose and deepest values. Step into your greatness, and be a beacon of light for the world to see. Don’t ever thing you can’t make an impact, because you can.

Make it a productive day, my brothers and sisters 🙂

Week 16 – A Challenge

I really loved the Franklin make-over idea. I was monitoring decisiveness all week, and it was interesting what we can see when we are looking for things. Its all about awareness.

Fantastic master-key lesson once again.

If you desire to visualize a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until you vision has been made real; give no thought to persons places or things; these have no place in the absolute; the environment you desire will contain everything necessary.

If we desire material possession of any kind our chief concern should be to acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the result desired.

As we all know, easier said than done. It has been a challenging week, especially with global markets in capitulation. An opportunity for growth and learning, to say the least. Even through storms, we must not let subby run rampant. We must take control, and remember the vision of our definite major purpose.