Week 6 – The Shapes Come To Life

I enjoyed doing the movie poster this week. The shapes, the colours, and the smart goals are all coming to life. These methods which take no more time, but continue to pepper subby with the gameplan are invaluable.

Scroll #2 is super awesome. How can a man or woman go wrong by dripping the message of Scroll #2 into their mind 3x daily? I fully expect the synergistic effect of everything to be enormous. I have a huge believer in the compound effect, and will continue forward with unwavering commitment.

Masterkey reading is staggering as always. Attention or concentration is a huge key to the puzzle. When I look back, it is obvious to see that it is a skill that few people have mastered, myself included. I fully believe the results of mastery will be startling. The sit has been good. It is quite hard to see a clear mental image of the picture. I find myself “re-constructing” what the image looks like in my mind, having memorized all the fine details. But I cannot see a completed picture (yet.) Only small bits, as I “go around” the picture in my mind reconstructing it piece by piece from memory.

Overall I find myself pretty focused on working to make my DMP reality, and from time to time doing things automatically. Which is a win! That being said, I don’t notice any leaps and bounds in my consciousness / thinking / feeling / self-discovery. But I have full faith that it will come. Week 6 is only the beginning. Its a journey!



10 thoughts on “Week 6 – The Shapes Come To Life

  1. Nice of you to comment Colin. We do need each other’s feedback. Have you posted your poster anywhere?
    I have not finished mine. But it’s lots of fun. I agree with you.
    All the best,


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